What We Do

Film and Video Production 

  • Produce and direct film and video productions*
  • Produce Q&A’s and promotional videos*
  • Produce commercials and documentary videos*

Other Productions

  • Photo journalism
  • Produce scripted and non scripted podcasts

Media Relations

  • Pitch our clients to the media**
  • Draft and pitch articles and op-editorials (op-eds.) 
  • Provide news wire service  
  • Schedule media interviews 
  • Plan news and press conferences 
  • Draft news and press releases, PSA’s, and media advisories  
  • Draft and pitch community announcements 
  • Write and pitch high impact feature stories 


  • Plan events and publicity tours 
  • Plan and book guest speaking engagements 
  • Pitch and book seminar presentations
  • Arrange for photo-ops  and impromptu video shoots
Video Production & Photo Journalism


* Video production is available in Internet, hard form, broadcast and Video on Demand format

*Sample reels are available for preview 

** 18,000 contacts in our private North America media directory

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